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Wallpaper Size (Manufacturer Specs):
Foot: 3.5ft (Width) X 51ft (Length) / Roll [178ft²]
Meter: 1.06m (Width) X 15.6m (Length) / Roll [16.53m²]

Wall Coverage (Pattern Match Design):
Foot: 14ft (Width) X 11ft (Height) / Roll [154ft²]
Meter: 4.24m (Width) X 3.35m (Height) / Roll [14.2m²]

Wall Coverage (Free Match Design):
Foot: 17.5ft (Width) X 10ft (Height) / Roll [175ft²]
Meter: 5.3m (Width) X 3m (Height) / Roll [15.9m²]

Note: Wall Coverage measurement above is an estimation, the actual usage will vary according to the Pattern Repeat & Wastage when cutting the wallpaper into sheet form.

Korean Wallpaper Calculation Guide

Wall Height 5 - 10 Feet

Wall Height 11 - 22 Feet